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GU 21

Voltage: 12V  
Maximum electric current: 3A  
Diameter range of token: 18-30mm.  
Thickness range of token: 1.2-2.5mm.  
Dimension of coin box: 14*11*11cm.  
Minimum Age to ride this machine: 2 years old.
Bearing capacity: 100 kg.  
Size : 85*80*85cm. 
Volume: 0.6CBM.
Gross weight: 40 kgs.
Electricity: 12v, 20A/22A battery.
Led lamp - 40pcs.
Charging time: 8-10 hours, can use for 4-5 hours.  
Forward:Move two joysticks forward together.  
Backward: Move two joysticks backward together.  
Rotation: Move one joystick forward and move another joystick backward together. 
Turn right: Move right joystick forward.   
Turn left: Move left joystick forward.  


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